Norm’Ale operation / the Beer of Solidarity


In March 2020, we brewed 6,000 litres of Pale Ale for the Rock The Pistes Festival, which is known as one of the best open air concerts in Europe. Great music, as well as a “spring skiing” atmosphere, attract thousands of party-ready people. Unfortunately, the 2020 edition of Rock the Pistes has been cancelled. Not because of a lack of snow, or weather conditions that prohibit the fun, but because of the coronavirus that put us all in harm’s way. No one saw this one coming, and the beer was already in the fermenters. 6000 liters, which is about 2 weeks of full-time work for a small craft brewery, is a hefty investment for a local craft brewery.

What are we going to do with all this beer?”. The question started to weigh heavy on our minds… until an idea started to germinate…

Instead of being consumed by the negativity of the situation imposed upon us, we decided to use this as an opportunity to put in place an idea that we never seemed to find the time to realize. And not just any opportunity, but an opportunity to do good for others in need. We said to ourselves, “Yes, we do need help! But so do many other people around us. Why not ask our customers to help us, and in turn, we will help others.”

The “Rock the Beer” has therefore become the “Norm’Ale”: a committed Pale Ale! For each bottle sold, we donate CHF 0.20 to a non-profit association. For each new Norm’Ale batch, we will support a different association. Look at the back of your bottle to find the lot number that you are drinking. Once you’ve found the number, look down below to see which association you are helping. A little goes a long way, and since this is only the beginning, we hope that a little will become a lot. If you agree, feel free to follow the link and contribute even more! Who knows, maybe we CAN change the world one beer at a time!

This beer is a true social beer, because we think it is “norm’ale” to help others… And it seems that you do too! Thank you!


Blond Pale Ale – Vic Secret hop

Solidarity beer

Because it’s “Norm’ale” to help

Light and refreshing, this beer has a very subtle bitterness and a low alcohol content. It develops a pronounced malty taste with a certain length in mouth.

In this Special Dry Hop Series we have added Vic Secret raw hops which bring floral and slightly peppery notes.

Color : Blond
4.5% Vol.
Bitterness – IBU 25
Ideal drinking temperature 4-7°C
Availability Year round

LOT N°812
Le Trésor Monthey

“We are deeply shocked and have the duty to announce that our store located at Avenue du Simplon 23, 1870 Monthey was the victim of a fire during the night of Monday 18 to Tuesday 19 July.” (Le Trésor team)

For several years, Le Trésor has been introducing 7Peaks beers to its customers and its founders have become friends of the brewery, which is why we dedicate this new Norm’Ale operation to them, hoping that this small contribution will help them resume work as soon as possible…

Go on their website if you want to help them too 🙂


Lot 777 : Association Fanfare Helvétienne de Morgins

In 1931, a few Morginois decided to start a brass band in our village. They were helped by a few musicians of the now defunct band “l’Indépendante de Troistorrents”. So much courage, and commitment from these pioneers!

In 1933, during a performance in Morgins, these musicians marched with a sign marked “L’Indémontable”, what determination and humor in this name.

It was only on March 1, 1935 that L’Helvétienne was born. Where does this name come from? Perhaps because of a patriotic impulse, a memory of the Young Swiss, or simply because Mr. Gustave Donnet, owner of the Café L’Helvetia in Morgins, had lent a room for rehearsals to our fanfare. Let’s remember that in the past, our musicians used to meet at the “Fratchier” or by the lake in the home of our founding and honorary member Mr. Séraphin Mariétan.

You want more information? You want to join the Brass Band, click here !

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Lot 730 : Association Amicale de Valerette

An association was created in July 2013 under the name “Amicale de Valerette” to rebuild this small refuge damaged by the foehn storm of April 29th, 2012 with the same philosophy as the protagonists of 1989. This association also ensures the maintenance and sustainability of the site of Valerette.

The refuge is located at the bottom of the Pointe de Valerette in the commune of Vérossaz at an altitude of 2’000 meters. It is located in between 4 towns of the Bas-Valais: Vérossaz, Massongex, Monthey and Val d’Illiez.
It is placed on the magnificent ridge that takes hikers from the Dent de Valerette, at the tip of Valère, to the Chalin refuge, facing the Cime de l’Est.

For more information on their actions and to support them, go check the association’s website

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Lots 647 : Les Enfants de Coeur Charity

Morgins’ charity Les Enfants de Coeur helps finance research against glioblastoma, an aggressive brain tumor form that affects adults but also kids

This association was created by young people from our village (Morgins) and is a non-profit organization that collects funds to be donated to the CHUV Foundation.

It is also behind the HARRY’S RIDE FOR RESEARCH, which will take place this year on March 27th – More informations on the event poster!
7Peaks brewery is also supporting this action by donating 10% of the online sales made during this day.

Support them by liking their facebook page or by making a donation…

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Lot 616 : Swiss Solidarity Foundation

The Swiss Solidarity Foundation’s goal is to help those most in need. Relying on the various aid structures created according to needs, their support is aimed at people in distress in Switzerland and abroad.

This Foundation, created in 1946, now works with 26 Swiss NGOs. The donations collected are given back to noble causes such as helping the most destitute facing Covid-19, helping children who are victims of violence and many other solidarity actions…
Their philosophy: “Our decisions and actions are guided by the values of transparency, impartiality, independence, responsibility and solidarity. »

To go further, you can also make a donation directly to the Foundation on their website. Even small, every help is precious!

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Lots 558 & 561 : Mother Sofia Foundation

The Mother Sofia Foundation aims to help the most needy. Relying on the various aid structures created according to the needs of the street, their support is aimed at any person in difficulty.

Their philosophy: “To help the most needy without discrimination and with respect for human dignity. »The foundation wants to be a place of action at the heart of society. Their members are mobilized in emergency to protect the homeless in the face of the risk of Covid-19.

To go further, you can also make a donation directly to the Foundation on their website. Every bit of help is precious…

Opération Flash sales

On April 24th 2020, during the Swiss Beer Day, we donated 20% of the total amount of our sales from our online shop to the Mother Sofia Foundation.

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