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Share of sales reinvested in the sponsoring of athletes and local events


The mountains give us so much and it is only normal that we work to protect them. The brewery is located in Morgins, in the heart of the Portes du Soleil ski area. In winter, the ski resort welcomes a large number of visitors who come to enjoy the snow and immaculate landscapes. Unfortunately, this impact is significant as lots of waste is left behind under the ski lifts. In collaboration with the NGO Summit Foundation, we organized a waste collection session on Sunday, June 16, 2019 at the Foilleuse ski lift. This event took place as part of the 5-year anniversary of the brewery to mark our commitment to our community.

More than 120 volunteers came out to help us clean under the ski lifts and around the arrival of the Foilleuse lift.
Here’s a quick summary of the day:
– 79 adults
– 32 children
– 6 four legged friends
More than 220 kg of waste collected in only 2 hours
– At least 500 beers consumed
– 4 hours of BBQ offered to all of the volunteers (a big thanks to the Point Gourmand for their support)
– 5 types of homemade syrups offered to the youngest participants
– 1h30 of incredible music by Léna Florey
– 100 Simpsons Malt Limited bags reused
– 1 amazing Summit Foundation team
– 50% of profits donated to the Summit Foundation

Thank you all for helping us keep our mountains clean and beautiful! New opportunities to help coming soon!


The Dents du Midi dominate Valais with their imposing stature and impressive beauty. The Dents du Midi inspire us in so many ways that we named all of our regular beers after them. But above all, we have the joy of seeing this fabulous landscape every day. Additionally, thousands of hikers roam their trails each year.

The Dents du Midi give us a lot and it is our duty to protect them. On the occasion of our participation in the Trail of the Dents du Midi, we donated 1CHF per beer sold to the Tour des Dents du Midi Association. This association aims to enhance this legendary course, and keep the trails in good condition. Thanks to this action, and the many participants, we were able to donate 1087CHF to the association.