A 8 years incredible adventure in the middle of the Swiss Alps


A brewing adventure in the heart of the mountains

7Peaks Brasserie brews craft beer in Morgins since 2014. The adventure started on Corinne and Robby Collins’ initiative. Robby is from Kansas (USA), and he met his wife Corinne in Switzerland and never looked back. Both left the hustle and bustle of large multinationals to focus in on making a high quality product in the Swiss Alps. Sitting at more than 1300m high, the brewery is surrounded by one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Valais, the Dents du Midi. Each of our regularly available beers carries a name of one of the summits of the Dents du Midi. Limited editions are also available, depending on the season and the spirit of our brewer.

8 years later, our objective is unchanged: to share our love for the mountains by providing the best mountain thirst quencher!


A close-knit team working in a joyful and good mood

When you work in a craft brewery, multitasking is a requirement. The biggest strength of every member of the team is flexibility! Bottling, deliveries, orders, events… There is no time to be bored and we must roll up our sleeves and help each other every day. Beyond these different tasks, everyone has their special area of expertise to make sure we are doing the right things.

Founder, director and cornerstone of the brewery, she juggles skillfully between management, accounting, supplier relationships, her young son, and a million of other tasks. All of this, and energy left over to keep us in a good mood!

Master brewer, founder, super-handyman, he takes care of everything relating to the beer, directly and indirectly.

A lover of high quality products, he can do everything. As an experienced barman, he is a beer expert and thanks to his advices, you will always enjoy what you drink. Always full of ideas and super motivated, he is a masterpiece of the brewery…

First and only apprentice brewer in the canton of Valais, he is passionate about beer and has already created his own recipes. Thanks to his knowledge in bio-chemistry, he has improved the quality control. A real jack-of-all-trades when it comes to beer… he just loves it!

She makes the bar a nice and cosy spot and makes your favorite drinks, your cocktails and your aperitif plates… she also supplies and sells 7Peaks merchandise, amongst other things…

Commercial trainee, she assists Corinne & Rémi in administrative tasks, customer relations, sales, logistics, and much more…

Communication is his thing, community manager, webmaster, he also assists Corinne with customer relationships and organizing deliveries. One hand on the phone, one hand on the computer, he dreams of having a third hand to be able to keep hydrated at the same time.

In charge of deliveries, he manages the transport of the beers from the brewery to the stores, bars and restaurants so that your favorite beers are always available.