Certifications that highlight our commitments



7Peaks Brasserie received their B Corporation® Certification in October 2019. As the first and only certified brewery in continental Europe, 7Peaks Brasserie has joined the ranks of 8000+ certified companies in 90+ countries. These companies include Patagonia, Raiffeisen, Baabuk, Opaline and Klean Kanteen.

This prestigious designation is awarded to companies that use their “business influence” to build a sustainable economy and solve social and environmental problems. They are all joined together at the head of an international movement: “not to be the best company in the world, but to be the best company for the world”.



The Valais brand is not only a territorial brand whose ambition is to promote Valais to consumers and guests, but also an intersectoral quality label that certifies Valais products. Consumers can thus easily recognize high-quality products that come from producers in the region who care about their impact on the territory.

Marque Valais Label is based on five core values

  • Human: A strong, honest and authentic character, with a strong sense of community
  • Excellence: A total commitment to sustainable quality expressed in all products and services
  • Movement: The desire for freedom, evolution and dynamic progress
  • Well-being: The pleasure of enjoying the quality of life to the fullest and with a sense of humour, the joy of living
  • Authenticity: A unique, pure and beautiful nature and environment



Since November 2022, 40% of our production is certified organic thanks to the use of organic ingredients (malts, hops, yeast)



Slow Food demands high quality food in terms of taste and health, and a clean production process, i.e. without harming nature nor animals. In addition, producers must be paid a fair price for their products and their work.

Slow Food is committed to biological diversity, sustainable and environmentally friendly food production and taste education, and brings together producers of quality food and consumers through events and initiatives.



SwissTerroir invites you to explore the richness of Switzerland’s heritage, by inviting you to experience it directly in the inhabitants’ homes.

For this purpose, many craftsmen, farmers, wine growers, cheese makers, chocolate makers, etc. have agreed to open the doors of their domain to campervans, to welcome you on their land during your stops in a privileged and authentic context. It will be up to you to let yourself be seduced by the flavors and the originality of their products.



“Clean & Safe” campaign is supported by Swiss Tourism. The implementation and compliance with protective measures is the responsibility of each service provider.
Cantonal regulations must also be taken into account in the protection concepts and measures.

The aim of the protection concepts is to protect customers and participants from coronavirus infection by implementing protective measures. The protection concepts of the companies must ensure compliance with the following guidelines of the FOPH. Each of these regulations must be met with sufficient and appropriate measures.