“Don’t be the best company of the world, but the best for the world”


7Peaks Brasserie received their B Corporation® Certification in October 2019. As the first certified brewery in continental Europe, 7Peaks Brasserie has joined the ranks of 8000+ certified companies in 90+ countries. These companies include Patagonia, Raiffeisen, Baabuk, Opaline and Klean Kanteen.

This prestigious designation is awarded to companies that use their “business influence” to build a sustainable economy and solve social and environmental problems. They are all joined together at the head of an international movement: “not to be the best company in the world, but to be the best company for the world”.


The certification process is built on reliable, comprehensive, transparent and independent standards for social and environmental performance.

To become a B Corporation® Certified Company, 7Peaks Brewery has undergone a rigorous evaluation to determine if the performance criteria required to be successful are met. Specific criterion on how we treat our employees, what types of customers we work with, what impact we have on the environment, which suppliers we select, and how we help our community are all taken into consideration.

B Corporation® Certified companies need to change their company governance to ensure that they make decisions and implement practices that not only take into account shareholder value, but also the impact on all stakeholders such as employees, customers, society, and the environment.

B-Impact score 2019

B-Impact score 2023


Since we started in 2014, we brew our beers in an “artisanal” manner and choose high quality ingredients from responsible producers. We encourage our community to consume as locally as possible as it greatly improves the local economy, creates social bonds, and limits the impact on the environment by minimizing transport. The founders, Robby and Corinne Collins, created 7Peaks Brasserie because they were not only passionate about craft beer, but also because they believed in another business model, with no hierarchical organization chart and fancy job titles.

The decision to become a certified B Corporation seemed to be the best way to validate this way of working. With all of the basics well in place, we worked hard to prove that we meet the ultra-selective criteria established by the B Lab (body issuing the certification). While the B Corporation Certification is valid for three years, we know that there are still so many things that we can do better, and look forward to surprising ourselves with all of the great things we can do.

All of us at 7Peaks Brewery are proud to join the B Corporation® movement and redefine the definition of a successful company. We hope to inspire other businesses around us, so that one day they too can use their strength for good.

To learn more about our certification, take a look at our B Corp profile.

87% of our customers are located less than 80km from the brewery

70% of our raw material expenses are made within a 80km radius from the brewery

To date we have donated 9734 CHF and 250 volunteer hours to local non-profit organizations

- 7Peaks Brasserie -

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